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Dr. John Schreiner PhD, FCCPM, FCOMP, FAAPM
Dr. John Schreiner
Professor Emeritus

Current Hospital Appointment:

  • retired

Other Current Appointments:

  • Professor Emeritus Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy
  • President: Medical Physics for World Benefit

Areas of Clinical Interest:

  • Global access to radiation therapy

Areas of Education Interest:

  • Mentoring Medical Physicists in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs)
  • Medical physics education of under-graduate and graduate students

Areas of Research Interest:

  • Development of clinical End to End Quality Assurance techniques
  • 2D film and 3D gel dosimetry
  • Development of SLICER-RT based treatment planning environments for global setting
  • Development of Cobalt-60 radiation therapy treatment planning and delivery techniques