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Queen’s University Improving Cancer Care Initiative (QUICC)

Queen’s University Improving Cancer Care (QUICC) is a new initiative by the Department of Oncology to optimize cancer care locally.  Despite many remarkable advances in cancer treatments, some patients in Southeastern Ontario are not seeing the results we expect.  As physicians and cancer experts, our goal is to make sure people in our region receive the absolute best cancer outcomes possible.

Our goal is to ensure that the right patient, sees the right health care provider, at the right time for the best possible cancer outcomes.

QUICC will bring together researchers, scientists, community physicians and patient and family advisors to find new ways of providing care to the people in our region. QUICC is designed to empower front-line healthcare workers to conduct research projects that will directly improve patient outcomes, keeping funding and resources within the region.


Research Grant

Applications open Nov 21, 2022 with LOIs due Jan 15, 2023 and Full Applications Feb 28, 2023.

Submit to Dr. Colleen Savage by email

  • QUICC research grant was established to support quality improvement initiatives for cancer care and health services across the southeastern region of Ontario. Funds will help support collaboration among cancer physician specialists, healthcare providers and researchers by promoting continuous improvement projects, related to cancer care quality. Ideally targeted interventions directly enhancing the quality of care will be completed within a 1-2 year timeframe.


On behalf of QUICC Members

  • Dr Tara Baetz – Lead, Head of Medical Oncology, Regional Lead for Systemic Therapy Quality
  • Dr Amber Simpson - Head of the Centre for Health Innovation, Canada Research Chair in Biomedical Computing and Informatics
  • Mr Dave Tidman - Patient and Family Representative
  • Dr Michael Brundage – Director of Cancer Care and Epidemiology and former Head of Queen’s Cancer Research Institute and Health Services Researcher
  • Dr Genevieve Digby - Respirologist and Quality Improvement Researcher
  • Dr Khaled Zaza - Head Radiation Oncology and Quality Improvement Lead Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario
  • Dr Josh Li- Primary Care physician and Quality Improvement Researcher
  • Dr Chris Frank – Geriatrician and Researcher
  • Dr Colleen Savage - Academic Initiatives Officer and Epidemiologist
  • Dr Scott Berry - Head of Department of Oncology, Medical Director of the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario