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Dr. Nazik Hammad appointed as Director, Global Health

Dr. Leslie Flynn is pleased to announce that she has appointed Dr. Nazik Hammad as Director, Global Health. The appointment begins on July 1, 2019 for a one-year term.
Dr. Hammad earned a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree at the University of Khartoum in Sudan, followed by an MSc in immunology at the University of Toronto. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine, at Wayne State University. She served as a clinical fellow in infectious diseases at the National Institutes of Health and later completed a fellowship in hematology/oncology at Wayne State University. Dr. Hammad has also completed a Master of Education in the Health Professions (MEHP) degree at Johns Hopkins University; specializing in health profession education, program development and evaluation, and curriculum development. She is currently serving as an Associate Professor in the Department of Oncology at Queen’s.
A passionate teacher and educator, Dr. Hammad has served on a number of advisory boards and committees, including chair of the African Organization for Research and Training Education and Training Committee. She is a member of the Queen’s Postgraduate Medical Education Committee and a member of the Department of Oncology’s education committee. She has just furnished a five-year term as program director of the medical oncology residency training program at Queen’s. She is the systemic lead for the CNS disease site at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario and a member of the Cancer Care Ontario gastrointestinal disease site group.
Throughout her career, Dr. Hammad has emerged as a leader in providing the best standard of cancer care for her patients while playing a key role in educating the next generation of oncologists. She has authored over 30 high-impact scientific papers and her invitation to speak at dozens of conferences presenting her research around the globe is a testament to her skill as a clinician and researcher.
Dr. Hammad is the recipient of five major awards, including a full open Master’s fellowship at the University of Toronto and the 2019 Harvard Global Health Catalyst Distinguished Young Leader Award.
Please join Dr. Flynn in welcoming Dr. Hammad to her new position.