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Dr. Fabio Ynoes De Moraes, Recipient of the Young Physician Leaders Award

Academia Nacional de Medicina is the National Academy of Medicine of Brazil, a body composed by the most august representatives of Brazilian medicine.
The Academy was founded during the First Empire (Dom Pedro I), on June 30, 1829, and is currently represented by 100 full/emeritus members.
The National academy mission since its foundation has been to:

  • Improve the dissemination of medical, pharmaceutical and related sciences ideas;
  • Assemble professionals in periodic meetings with the purpose of discussing issues pertinent to national and international medicine;
  • Respond, advise and assist, when requested, in Government matters related to public health and medical education;
  • Promote and encourage postgraduate study, research and study of medicine in general, through the publication of scientific papers, promotion of courses, symposiums and awards for contributions that add value to the exercise of the profession.

In the recent years, the Academy and it representatives agreed that Brazilians talented physicians were lacking support and leadership training. Thus, the Young Physician Leadership Program (YPLP) was created.
The Young Physician Leadership Program (YPLP) of the National Academy of Medicine of Brazil was created in 2014 with the aim of fostering an environment favorable to the creation and implementation of transformative ideas for Brazilian Medicine.
Together with academic scholars, the young doctor who is a member of the (YPLP) program will have the role of participating in the discussions and academic activities as well as in the generation, implementation and feasibility of innovative actions within the National Academy of Medicine framework.
Young physician’s leaders are considered to be independent individuals and creators of new ideas in their fields of action. These individuals, with the support of National Academy of Medicine, will become leaders of new paths for Brazilian medicine, in an inspiring, stimulating and dynamic way.
The program offers a unique learning and networking opportunity for up to 15 outstanding Young Physician Leaders under the age of 40 who:

  • are pursuing careers in medical education, clinical leadership, public health, health policy and health services management AND;
  • show great promise for leadership in their chosen careers AND;
  • are enthusiastic personalities able to represent the medical profession e.g. when interacting with senior professionals AND;
  • are recognized by the peers as an outstanding clinician, teacher or researcher AND;
  • are recognized in its field of activity, having produced knowledge, innovation and / or actions of social impact. 

Congratulations Dr. Ynoe de Moraes!