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Dr. Bishal Gyawali Receives Young Health Researcher Award From Nepali Government

Dr. Bishal Gyawali, MD, PhD

Congratulations to our Medical Oncologist and Scientist, Dr. Bishal Gyawali who at the Sixth National Summit of Health and Population Scientists, received the Mrgendra Samjhana Medical Trust Young Researcher Award  from the Nepali Government!   His mother and father accepted the award on his behalf, and Dr. Gyawali expressed his appreciation on Twitter, saying, “Thank you to my parents, mentors, friends, well-wishers, and everyone who has inspired and supported me in my journey. Your continued support and inspiration are what drive me to continue working in #globaloncology.”

He is an advocate of the “cancer groundshot,” a term coined to imply that research investment should be made on known high-value interventions in cancer care that are affordable and easy to implement globally. His clinical and research interests include cancer policy, global oncology, evidence-based oncology, financial toxicities of cancer treatment, clinical trial methods, and supportive care.  Dr. Gyawali is active in the oncology and clinical research communities on Twitter: @oncology_bg.

Delightful Photo of Bishal's Mom and Dad Accepting his Award