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Global Oncology Rounds

Each month, the Global Oncology Program invites experts from the global oncology field to share their perspectives and expertise.

Dr. Karen Lawford: An Indigenous perspective on the context of your work

Dr. Verna Vanderpuye: Underrepresented cancer research areas in Africa

Dr. Karen Yeates: Towards a better understanding of Cultural Safety and Indigenous Health Paradigms

Dr. Chris Booth: The Emperor Has No Clothes

Dr. Andre Gouveia: Access to Radiotherapy in Brazil

Dr. Rebecca DeBoer: Improving Patient Prioritization for Limited Radiotherapy Resources: Lessons Learned from a Mixed Methods Study in Rwanda


Dr. Melinda Mushonga: Breast Cancer Research in Zimbabwe: Perspective on patterns of care in a LLMIC setting


Dr. Bishesh Poudyal: Financial Toxicity of Cancer Care in Nepal: Challenges and Solutions