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Divisional Chair - Dr. Tara Baetz 

Welcome to the website of the Division of Medical Oncology in the Department of Oncology at Queens University in Kingston.  We are located at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario at  Kingston General Hospital.  Our division is made up of 16 full and part time Medical Oncologists.   

We have an active medical oncology training program with four current residents in training.  We are very involved in oncology and clinical skills teaching at Queens University School of Medicine .  Many members of our division are also members of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG) and as such are involved in national and international clinical trials.   We also are active locally in clinical trials and offer both drug development (Phase I and II) trials as well as phase III trials through CCTG, Princess Margaret Hospital Phase II clinical trial consortium and pharmaceutical companies.   

In additional to clinical trials, our division members have a broad range of academic interests including leadership in health services, and population research and many are part of the Cancer Research Institute at Queens University.  

Divisional Chair - Dr. Khaled Zaza

The Division of Radiation Oncology within the Department of Oncology at Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital exists to ensure excellence in patient care and academic development.  Located in the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, the Division of Radiation Oncology (DRO) is a local and regional resource, and is a major contributor clinically and academically to the Oncology Program.

There are 11 Radiation Oncologists within the Division, including 3 Clinician Scientists, who are also affiliated with Queen’s Cancer Research Institute.  Clinically, the DRO is a full service radiation treatment facility offering external beam treatment, unsealed source therapy, IMRT, SABR, brachytherapy and soon introducing RapidArc.  The Division exemplifies collaboration and team work, and members work closely with other medical groups such as Surgery, Medical Oncology, and Palliative Care, as well as interprofessional collaboration with Supportive Care, Radiation Therapy and Medical Physics.

Academically, the Division has a strong Residency Training Program, with 8 residents spanning a 5 year program.  This program is fully accredited; candidates have been successful for several years at the Royal College exam, and all recent residents are currently working in Radiation Oncology.  We aprticpate in the training of residents from other disciplines through rotations and electives.  The Division is active in Undergraduate teaching, with many observerships, electives and clerkship rotations throughout the year.  The Division has a strong CPD program, as well as a focus on Patient Safety and Quality Assurance through initiatives such as Peer Review Audit.  We also participate in research studies through QCRI, clinical trials through CCTG and RTOG, and several in-house studies.

Divisional Chair - Dr. Andrew Kerr

The Medical Physics Department of the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario at the Kingston General Hospital (CCSEO) provides service to the present population of southeast Ontario through its clinical programs and to the future population through its academic activities. The medical department’s mandate is to assure that each patient treated by the centre’s Radiation Oncology program receives the radiation dose prescribed by a radiation oncologist. The members of the department work with other health care professionals in the Division of Radiation Oncology (DRO) to ensure that high standards of patient care are maintained within the radiation treatment arm of the Centre. Staff members provide this service through commissioning, testing, preventive maintenance, dose measurement and quality control of treatment units, data sets used in dose calculation and planning, and treatment planning and dose calculation software. Medical physicists assist and advise in treatment planning and evaluate and approve each individual patient’s treatment plan.Academically, the department trains the highly qualified physics and oncology personnel required in cancer clinics, and continues an active program of research focusing on developing advanced therapeutics in radiation oncology (by improving techniques for radiation dose delivery and measurement).


Divisional Chair - Dr. David Lee

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Divisional Chair - Dr. Leonie Herx

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Divisional Chair - Dr. Jay Engel

The Division of Surgical Oncology consists of 14 surgeons encompassing the fields of breast, melanoma, head & neck, gynecologic, plastic/reconstructive, thoracic, colorectal, hepatobiliary pancreatic, esophageal, upper gastrointestinal, sarcoma, and urological oncologic surgery. Eight surgeons participate within the cancer center clinics and all are involved in their respective multidisciplinary case conferences and divisional activity. 

Multidisciplinary clinics currently include the following disease sites: sarcoma, melanoma, head and neck and gynaecologic oncology.

All divisional members are active in ongoing research. Grants held by division members as either principal investigator or collaborator now total over two million dollars. This activity encompasses basis science, epidemiology, and clinical research.


Division of Surgical Oncology Administrative Office 
Ph. 613-544-2631 ext 6651


Divisional Chair - Dr. Anita Agrawal 

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