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Masterclass in Critical Appraisal

All professionals caring for patients with cancer want the best possible outcomes for their patients.  Some of you will contribute to this goal by performing research, but all of you can contribute to this goal by becoming wise research consumers. Critical appraisal skills that allow the rigorous interpretation of clinical trial results and appropriate application of those results to their patients is a core competency for all professionals caring for people with cancer.

Professionals who have these skills will be able to offer their patients the treatments that have the best opportunity of improving the length and quality of their survival. The Queen’s Global Oncology Program has developed this free Masterclass in critical appraisal skills in collaboration with the some of the best researchers and teachers in the world.   This first session of the Masterclass will focus on the interpretation of the Randomized Clinical Trial.  Subsequent modules will be devoted to the other types of studies required for oncology professionals to optimize the care of their patients.

The Masterclass will not only include this online content.  Later this year, we will be hosting interactive online “Journal Clubs” led by expert faculty for those who’ve completed the online component of the Masterclass.  Journal Club attendees will learn to apply what they’ve learned in the online course through a facilitated review of key contemporary studies. Stay tuned for more information on these sessions.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this  Masterclass in Critical Appraisal of The Randomized Clinical Trial.

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Introduction to Study Designs and Units of Measurement

Dr. Thiwanka Wijeratne

Phases of Clinical Trials

Dr. Nazik Hammad

The Randomized Controlled Trial

Dr. Priya Ranganathan

Is this a Valid Surrogate Endpoint?

Dr. Bishal Gyawali

Magnitude of Clinical Benefit of New Cancer Therapies

Dr. Chris Booth

Bias, Hype and Conflicts of Interest

Dr. Ian Tannock

Putting It All Together

Dr. Ian Tannock

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