Department of Oncology
School of Medicine Queen's University

Oncology Research Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

Committee Mandate

  • To develop and implement a strategic research plan for the Department of Oncology.
  • To enhance clinical research within the Department and cancer program
  • To identify  mechanisms for increased interdisciplinary collaborations within University and particularly with the Queen’s Cancer Research Institute
  • To develop mentoring plans for trainees and new faculty who are engaged in research
  • To provide input to Departmental Executive on recruitment and career support strategies for research faculty
  • To create an annual report of Department of Oncology research activities
  • Additional items as determined by the Committee


  • Chair – Member of Department of Oncology (appointed)
  • Co-Chair – Director of Cancer Research Institute


  • Director(s) of Clinical Trials
  • One member from Dept. of Pathology and Molecular Medicine
  • One researcher from Medical Physics
  • One member from Dept. of  Community Health and Epidemiology
  • Two faculty members of Cancer Research Institute
  • Two additional interested members having appointments in the Dept of Oncology
  • Patient/lay community representative

Note: Overall membership should be inclusive of all Departmental Divisions and Research groups

Meeting Frequency

  • Quarterly and at discretion of the chair

Reports to

  • The Department, via the Head and Executive

Supported by

  • Departmental Research Coordinator - Louise Segsworth