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Department of Oncology

Molecular Oncology Research Competition Awardees 2015


 Co-Applicants:  Drs. Madhuri Koti and James Biagi
Project Title: Role of CXCL10/CXCR3 signaling axis in modulation of tumor immune landscape and therapeutic response in high-grade serous epithelial ovarian cancer

 Co-Applicants:  Drs. Andrew Robinson and Chris Mueller 
Project Title: GR promoter methylation as a biomarker of Tamoxifen efficacy in pre-menopausal women

  Co-Applicants:  Drs. Andrew Robinson and Sonal Varma 
Project Title: ER beta expression and chemotherapy induced amenorrhea

Co-Applicants:  Drs. Harriet Feilotter, Scott Davey & Nazik Hammad 
Project Title: Expanded mutation testing in a cohort of colorectal cancer samples from CO.17


Congratulations !

Seven projects and one clinical trainee awarded in first Department of Oncology/KGH Foundation Interdisciplinary Cancer Research Grant and Clinical Train Grant competitions

Interdisciplinary Cancer Research Grants –

May 2013 Competition 


Project title

Baetz, Tara;

LeBrun, David

Predicting the need for salvage therapy in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Berman, David;

Brundage, Michael

Molecular definition of biopsy tumor volume to guide prostate cancer management

Booth, Christopher;

Nanji, Sulaiman

Surgical Resection and Peri-Operative Chemotherapy for Colorectal Cancer Lung Metastases: A Population-Based Outcomes Study

Hall, Stephen;

Zaza, Khaled

What should we be telling about the risk of stroke and carotid vascular disease after radiation treatment for head and neck cancer?

Kerr, Andrew;

deMetz, Catherine;

Redfearn, Damian

Development of a hybrid Pacemaker-Dosimeter

Mates, Mihaela;

Boag, Alexander;

Feilotter, Harriet

Novel gene sequencing technique for molecular profiling of non-small cell lung cancer

Mahmud, Aamer;

Biagi, James

A Retrospective Cohort Analysis of factors affecting tumour regression grade following neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for early stage rectal cancer


Clinical Trainee Cancer Research Grants –

May 2013 Competition  

Clinical Trainee /Mentor

Project title

Turashvili, Gulisa/

Sengupta, Sandip

MicroRNA expression profiling of triple negative breast cancer

Competitive Funding

The Department of Oncology has two competitions which utilitze Kingston General Hospital foundation donated cancer research funds. These competitions were first launched in March 2013 and details of each, as well as information on applications are found in the links below.

Department of Oncology and KGH Foundation Cancer Research Competitions:

The Department of Oncology Trust Fund

This fund supplies small amounts of funding to support the Department’s research and education activities through invited speakers, and travel funds for students and trainees to attend research and other meetings.  Please follow this link to view the Terms of Reference.

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