Department of Oncology
School of Medicine Queen's University

Admission to Radiation Oncology

Admission to the Radiation Oncology Program at Queen’s University is coordinated through the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) main residency match.  For the most current information about timelines and prerequisites, please refer to the CaRMS website.

Positions Available
Approximate Quota:  2
Selection Criteria
 Candidates with the following attributes will be considered favorably:
  • knowledge of and prior interest in radiation oncology, which may be demonstrated, for example, by previous electives in this specialty
  • good communication and interpersonal skills
  • a good or above-average academic record
  • We are looking for and rewarding applicants who have completed a broad range of electives which include our specialty
We do not require applicants to do on site electives to be considered for selection

Supporting Documentation
  • Medical School Transcript - Order from your Registrar
  • Medical Student Performance Record - Order from your Dean's Office
  • Three reference letters are required.  Letters must be from staff. Reference letters from Radiation Oncologists are preferred, but not required. More than three letters may be submitted but the total value given for the reference letters does not change.
  • A personal letter is required. Topics to be covered include: personal strengths and weaknesses, career goals if known, and reasons for choosing this program.