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Terms of Reference

 Purpose of Fund

The Oncology Trust Fund (OTF) is established as a source of funding to enhance research educational and academic activities of the Queen’s University Department of Oncology based at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario at Kingston GeneralHospital.

Collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and oncology health care providers is fundamental to cancer care delivery. Financial support from industry has enhanced research and continuing medical education (CME) of health care professionals. It is essential, however, that patient care and professional independence are not inappropriately affected as a result of this collaboration. The oncology CME programs must be of high quality, while maintaining costs at a fiscally responsible and reasonable level. Guidelines for industry support therefore seek to maximize corporate participation in CME programs while maintaining the autonomy and impartiality of individual oncology professionals and their organizations; they are based on the principles of: (1) openness; (2) quality of teaching and research; (3) freedom from conflict of interest; (4) respect for patient confidentiality and privacy; and (5) appropriate recognition for financial support provided by industry.

General Guidelines for the OTF

1)     The OTF is a research and academic educational fund. The fund shall be used only for the Department of Oncology at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario at Kingston GeneralHospital and will reside within an account within the Department of Finance at Kingston GeneralHospital, who will be responsible for monitoring account activity according to the terms of reference outlined within this document. Disbursement of funds requires signed approval from the coordinator of the Oncology Lecture Series or delegate in addition to the Head of the Department of Oncology and/or the Regional Vice President of Cancer Services or delegate.

2)     The Department of Oncology medical education coordinators shall have the ultimate responsibility for the planning, development and content or implementation of CME programs, without influence from pharmaceutical representatives.

3)     Representatives from the pharmaceutical companies that contribute to the fund will have access to any of the regularly scheduled educational activities that are not related to individual patients where privacy legislation would preclude participation. On-site educational preceptorships may be arranged for individual pharmaceutical representatives subject to negotiation with individual physicians or educators. Companies will be individually acknowledged on a regular basis at the educational sessions as well as any activity where funds from the OTF are used. The Department of Oncology website will also acknowledge contributors.

4)     Funds for medical students, residents, or fellows to attend research and academic educational events shall be permissible as long as their academic institutions make the selection of participants for these funds.

5)     No industry promotional materials will be displayed or distributed in the same room during scientific presentations or meetings. In larger meetings, the Department of Oncology medical education coordinators shall control the access to promotional materials in order to avoid the appearance of a direct connection between the distribution of promotional materials and the scientific presentation.

6)     Industry sponsors may not offer direct payment to CME program organizers, participants, or attendees to cover travel, accommodations, or honoraria, nor may such individuals accept payments if offered. Support of CME programs shall be accepted only as unrestricted grants or as exhibitor registration fees.

7)     Industry supporters may not use the Queen’s University, the Department of Oncology, the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario or the Kingston GeneralHospital names, logos, or seals in conjunction with advertising or promotion without written permission.

8)     Representatives of industry sponsors may not engage in sales or promotional activities during scientific sessions or other meetings.