Department of Oncology
School of Medicine Queen's University

Oncology Grand Rounds (GRO)

Grand Rounds must be based on a needs assessment of the target audience, objectives developed by the planning group.

The principles behind speakers and COI that are in place for Continuing Professional Development should be applied to Departmental educational rounds where CME credits are given.  This means that while pharma can help support a speaker, the selection of speakers and topics must come from the Department, and any pharma support must be in the form of independent educational grant.  Thus, we will no longer be able to accept a speaker pharma has selected and invited to speak to us – the approach must be the other way. 

Speakers, regardless of whether their visit is supported or not, must present disclosure slide regarding any commercial  links they have relevant to the topic they are discussing

Funding for Invited Speakers

Funding for invited speakers may be obtained if a request for funding form is submitted by a faculty member that is primarily appointed or cross-appointed to the Department of Oncology, in advance.  A maximum of $500 per visitor will be allowed.  Be advised that all the KGH travel policy guidelines will apply

Please submit your request for funding at least 4 weeks in advance to Micheline McDonald.