Department of Oncology
School of Medicine Queen's University

Medical Physics

The Medical Physics Department of the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario at the Kingston General Hospital (CCSEO) provides service to the present population of southeast Ontario through its clinical programs and to the future population through its academic activities.

The medical department’s mandate is to assure that each patient treated by the centre’s Radiation Oncology program receives the radiation dose prescribed by a radiation oncologist. The members of the department work with other health care professionals in the Division of Radiation Oncology (DRO) to ensure that high standards of patient care are maintained within the radiation treatment arm of the Centre.

Staff members provide this service through commissioning, testing, preventive maintenance, dose measurement and quality control of treatment units, data sets used in dose calculation and planning, and treatment planning and dose calculation software. Medical physicists assist and advise in treatment planning and evaluate and approve each individual patient’s treatment plan.

Academically, the department trains the highly qualified physics and oncology personnel required in cancer clinics, and continues an active program of research focusing on developing advanced therapeutics in radiation oncology (by improving techniques for radiation dose delivery and measurement).